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Type Where Date Description
8.09.2021 Fu "sneaky strike" has been fixed.
8.09.2021 Technique "gekiretsuha" has been fixed.
8.09.2021 Evil Ki and Light Ki have been added to Absorb System.
7.09.2021 Tasks respawn from client "Find Respawn" has been fixed.
7.09.2021 Cost of Enchanting Hammer has been changed from 1g to 5g.
7.09.2021 All money froms minitasks and tasks have been reduced.
7.09.2021 Saga despawn radius set to 50->15 sqm
7.09.2021 Updated crafting, tasks, minitask module in client v1.1.5
7.09.2021 better random spawns
7.09.2021 Vegetto: Perfect game changed from below 40%->50%
7.09.2021 regeneration works only on the person who cast the technique
7.09.2021 Buu: body minipulation exh 120s->240s
7.09.2021 lags when many animations especially during wars
7.09.2021 saga is working properly on party share exp, if you want to get saga done, you have to take at least 3% hp dmg of the saga
7.09.2021 Brolly regeneration *2, because he has /2 ki reduction dmg, so now regeneration works like on everybody else
7.09.2021 max length adding to vip changed from 20 to 25 characters
7.09.2021 random spawns of monsters like rr army
7.09.2021 -area techniques of saga monsters won't hit players who don't have this saga
7.09.2021 random freez while exp - which end up dying - it was reported by at least 2 players
7.09.2021 Mornul NPC with mini tasks has been fixed.
6.09.2021 Technique "prince of the saiyans" is now from 200 level with 15% chance.
6.09.2021 Exclusive Pink Backpack speed is fixed.
6.09.2021 Bandit Shooter movement speed is fixed.
6.09.2021 Critical skill with distance skilling is now working.
6.09.2021 Follow on party is now allowed.
6.09.2021 Added auto-attack hotkey to the client options.
5.09.2021 Army drop with "white sand" has been fixed.
5.09.2021 GT Saga from "Naturon Shenron" is now from 250 lvl.
5.09.2021 Super Saga is from 350 lvl.
5.09.2021 Android Task has been fixed with item "blue piece of steel" and it is requiered to any 100 lvl equipement crafting.
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