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Type Where Date Description
16.09.2021 Hit: flash fist crush - added paral while using this technique
16.09.2021 Jiren: counter impact - added red aura while charging
16.09.2021 Added 2 Super Androids Spawns
15.09.2021 MVP has been turned on again - added no pvp zone in the MVP area
15.09.2021 Bebi: tuffle parasite infection - fixed sometimes double hit
15.09.2021 Fu: sneaky strike - now you can jump behind the player if he is the target
14.09.2021 Party hide members is working ok, on v1.2.0
14.09.2021 Train Points limit before reborn has been removed
14.09.2021 Superior regeneration - it has been changed, +7 max hp rege has been removed, now it's just healing +20% than normal regeneration
14.09.2021 Kame: most powerful kamehameha, you can not push players in non pvp zones
14.09.2021 Possession and biological extract absorption - you cannot attack or be attacked while you are absorbed or possessed, also you cannot use doors or stair while you are using those techniques
14.09.2021 Bebi: possession range changed from 7 to 2
14.09.2021 Skill defense has been buffed, it was 10 skills = 1% melee abso, now every 5 skills = 1% melee abso
14.09.2021 You can now attack the summons without getting white skull, eg. Cell Jr
14.09.2021 Hearts: Instant warp - is now teleporting around the target is tiles are free
14.09.2021 Event Namekjins vs Frieza Force has been turned on, you need 100 lvl to join, and you will be randomly selected to the team
14.09.2021 MVP event is turned on
14.09.2021 Tournaments are from 100 lvl
14.09.2021 bans showing correct nicknames
11.09.2021 Added NPC Ducharn in East City
11.09.2021 Buff spawns with Majins
11.09.2021 New spawns with Ultra Elementals
10.09.2021 Technique "makankosappo" has been changed into 3x7sqm wave.
10.09.2021 All weapons have new attack and defense, balanced to make crafting better. Also Gloves have more defense and Swords have less defense.
10.09.2021 Monster "Ice Monster" has now 300 lvl crafting drop items.
10.09.2021 Monster "Yao Lord" has now 200 lvl crafting drop items.
10.09.2021 Monster "Drum" has now 50 lvl crafting drop items.
10.09.2021 Ninja and Samurais are now for 200 lvl and have 200 level crafting drop items.
10.09.2021 Technique "wolf fang fist" cast has been fixed.
9.09.2021 New spawns with Super Elementals
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